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Mr Bomb

Using cupp to make victim specific wordlists

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Using CUPP to make Victim Specific Wordlists

This Guide will cover how to make wordlists for your victim.

This done by using a python program called 'CUPP' (Common User Passwords Profiler)

I will be using Kali Linux 2.0 which is a pen testing platform


Python 3.5.*




CUPP was developed by multiple people however the original author is Muris Kurgas aka j0rgan



First Step:

Go to


and download (git clone) CUPP.



Second Step:

Open a console in the directory you downloaded CUPP in.



Third Step:

Type 'python cupp.py' which will launch CUPP and show all options.



Fourth Step:

We will then type 'python cupp.py -i' and fill in the questionnaire with the victims information.



Fifth Step:

When you get to 'Do you want to add keywords?' type Y and enter keywords about the victim. Then select Y for 'Special Chars' and 'Random Numbers', 'Leet Mode' is optional. If you don't know the info just hit enter.



Sixth Step:

The wordlist will now generate (hoping nothing went wrong) in the CUPP directory under the name of your victim.



Step Seven (Optional):

Will will now proceed to edit the config 'cupp.cfg' to change the special chars and random numbers. You can add more chars to the 'special chars' and increase the amount of numbers that CUPP will use.



Step Eight:

Now we will generate the wordlist again with the modified config using the victims info. A you can see, CUPP has generated significantly more words than the default version.




This is the end of the guide/tutorial and now you can successfully generate wordlists for your victims in minutes.


Disclaimer: I didn't make or contribute to this program and this is only a brief tutorial.

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